It’s a protection you can have in case of you die, to protect of your loved ones. It provides financial support for them.
It’s depend on your needs. It can be, Term Life insurance, Permanent Life Insurance, Critical Life Insurance and ext.
A person (or persons) who will receive the proceeds of the life insurance policy when the insured person dies.
Life insurance can be tailored to your specific needs, depends on your goals, your family, and the expenses you want your family to be able to cover once you are no longer there to support them.
Usually not taxable, if they are paid to a specifically named beneficiary, such as your spouse or children.
Buy life insurance as soon as you determine that it makes sense for you or for your family. Waiting to buy life insurance is costly, as it becomes more expensive as you age. It is also easier to qualify for life insurance when you are young and have no health complications.
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